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3 Experiences with DMT: a Fatherly Entity and an Eagle, Statues and Golden Light



Last week I had my first experience with DMT. I had three trips. For a bit of background info on what DMT is, see this article.

I debated whether or not it would be contrived or disrespectful to the divine to write about this, and came to the conclusion that it’s okay to talk about.

Trip 1

So on my first trip, I smoked 3 hits of yellowish crystal Dimethyltryptamine. I was alone, and laid down with my eyes closed after dosing. I didn’t fully leave my consciousness, I was laying there with my eyes closed in another world but I didn’t fully break through out of my body.

The very second I closed my eyes I saw the fractals and geometric shapes users of DMT frequently report. But also as soon as I closed my eyes, a presence came to me.

A fatherly, comforting presence that looked like a shadow with a blank face and broad shoulders was there, immediately, almost instantly. I had no previous thoughts of an entity like this, and I wasn’t raised with any religion at all (born in 1996 to non religious parents).

It seemed to say “it’s okay, it’s all okay,” and gave me this sort of handshake and hug.

I drew a picture of it. It looked precisely like this, except it was more shadowy, with no symbols. The texture of the lines is how he looked but it was much more shadowy. It was a broad shouldered, silhouette looking fatherly loving entity.

dmt entity2

So this entity appeared immediately, and then it’s visual appearance became less prominent in the trip, but his presence remained while I was guided to a sort of temple.

I then saw this sort of temple, made of this golden, sunlight-like stuff. It had high ceilings, and it was warping and full of motion, full of fractals and the types of visuals you typically see on DMT.

I got the feeling that this place was very ancient. Somewhere in this place there was a Sphinx type figure, but it’s face wasn’t the Sphinx, it’s posture was. I don’t know what it’s face looked like, it wasn’t visible.

It was a golden, color changing, warping temple type of thing that had massively high ceilings and statue things, it reminded me a lot of the old room at Union Station in Los Angeles.

Trip 2

A few days later, I had my second trip. I took 3 hits of DMT.

It was more intense this time, but not as filled with love and joy: there was a sense of urgency. The first thing I saw was a tunnel, it looked like a train tunnel.

I went through the tunnel rapidly and saw every color imaginable, every shape imaginable, all the fractals and visuals you’d expect from DMT. I was going through the portal that can break you essentially out of your body: I knew if I kept going I would break through to a new place and really trip.

This is when that fatherly shadow figure showed up again. His presence was not as strong, and it had a different tone: it was rushing me through this portal, saying something like “keep going, we have to be quick.”

However, I just wasn’t ready. The tunnel, fractal path thing became faster and faster and I got a little scared. The second I got hesitant, my trip turned darker.

As soon as I hesitated in my mind and got a hint of nervousness, the fractals and colors in the tunnel turned to snake-like, insect-like, crawling, squirming things. I subtly felt that fatherly entity tell me “don’t go through the tunnel now.” Very subtly.

Then, I saw the fatherly shadow figure clearer, but it evaporated and in it’s place there was this demonic, eagle-snake-humanoid type thing.

It had the head of this evil looking, threatening eagle, with scaly skin (I couldn’t even see the scaly snake-like skin but somehow I knew it had that). Its head was pointed to the right, and it turned it’s eye toward me and shrieked. It let out this horrible noise like it was in pain and very angry at me.

Then a business suit and tie flashed on and off of the body of this eagle-snake-human creature: very briefly flashed on its torso. It was screaming at me in pain and also angry at me.

I had absolutely no fear though. It wasn’t scary, I knew this entity didn’t have the power to hurt me. I was amazed. However, at this point I opened my eyes and ended the trip. I knew I wasn’t quite ready to fully leave my body and “break through” on DMT.

I wouldn’t say it was a bad trip. It was quite amazing and informative.

Trip 3

The day after that, I had my third DMT trip. I took 3 hits again.

This was my least intense trip, probably because I did it just the day before.

I didn’t encounter entities, but I saw incredible visuals. I did see that faceless Sphinx-like thing again, and other distinctly ancient, Mayan looking visual patterns.

The first thing I saw was this old video game-like vertical thing where water was flowing from the top of this piece of land, into this bubble in the earth, and it was going through all these channels and tunnels in the earth and cycling back through to the top of the land on the left side of the thing.

I remember that distinctly, and I remember seeing lots of indescribable visuals. At one point, this oblong square appeared in the center of my vision, and it zoomed out from the square to reveal that it was a tiny little dot on a giant statue, in a landscape of statues, and the Sphinx looking thing was one of those statues.

My vision kept rapidly zooming in and out of this oblong square on a statue that looked very much like the cover of the album “Mezmerize” by System of a Down.


So that summarizes my first few experiences with DMT.

I don’t think I was quite ready to break through as people describe, and completely leave my body, but I’m getting there. I certainly learned a lot, and I truly wonder what that fatherly, loving silhouette entity was.

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